How do I use Markus?

How can Markus help me in my everyday life and work?

The Discuss Board is where all your chat threads live. It is where you move emails and share them with selected Collaborators.

What is the Discuss Board?

Markus is a communication app which organizes discussions around topics and helps you focus on important subjects. You can connect your mailbox and add emails to your discussions. Moreover, you can easily invite additional people to the discussion using Markus' "Public Chat" feature.

How to start using Markus?

You can be either invited by Markus user or start your own Markus account. To sign up you will need a Google account or Apple ID.

How to invite other people to Markus?

It's super easy! Go to Contacts and click "Invite" button. Enter your contact's name and share the invitation link using SMS, email, Messenger or any other available option. Now you can share an email or start a chat with that person.

Your invitee, after clicking on the invitation link, can choose how he wants to join. He can download the iOS app or discuss via a browser using the Web app.

What is a Public Chat?

You can share your discussion with literally anyone, by enabling "Public Chat link" in discussion settings.

Set discussion as public button

When a discussion is set as Public, you can share a direct link to this discussion with anyone, using the following button at the top of a discussion thread:

Share link to Public Chat button

Every public discussion has the clear PUBLIC status on the list of discussions. It can be disabled if needed.

Discussion is Public - label

What is the To Do folder?

You can save (collect) important emails here to keep your inbox clear.

Are my emails safe?

Yes. Filtered emails are only downloaded to the internal memory of your iPhone and are not kept on an external server. Emails, which you choose to share with collaborators, are copied to an encrypted server and shared only with collaborators you choose. Additionally, Markus has passed Google's rigorous security assessment.

How do I move emails into Markus?

Emails appear in Markus by setting filters. In the Markus app under Profile / Email Filters, you can set either a domain filter (e.g., or an email filter (e.g., Once you set filters, emails from the past several days will appear in the Markus inbox.

Can I use Markus without a Gmail account?

Yes! You only need a Gmail account if you are going to share your emails. You can still read shared emails and participate in group chats. All you need to do is click on an invite link and you will be able to participate without a linked email account.
You can also start using Markus just by signing up with Google or AppleID without giving any permission to your emails.

What are email filters?

Emails can only be shared and discussed once they are in Markus. To do this, you establish domain and sender filters. These filters determine which mails are redirected. Once these emails are filtered, you can share them on the Discuss Board.

How do I filter one-off emails into Markus?

Say you get an email from a sender or domain that has not been explicitly filtered, but you want to discuss this with your partner. How do you do it? We recommend setting your account's email address as a filter (e.g., Then when you want to filter an email, simply forward it back to yourself. Since your account's email is a filter, this email will show up in Markus and now can be shared with your partner.

How Auto Archive works?

Located in Profile / General Settings, Auto Archive reduces clutter in your inbox. When you enable Auto Archive, filtered emails will be archived in your Gmail account. These mails are still in your Gmail and viewable in the "Markus" subfolder. To keep mails in your main inbox folder, make sure Auto Archive is not enabled.

Where can I find Release Notes?

Follow the link: Release Notes