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Markus allows you to discuss important content with others in "threaded chat." Keep the thread going forever or delete when done. Each thread is a mini-project. You can share pictures, pdf's, files and even emails from Gmail. Markus is useful for independent contractors, families, friends...anyone!

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Markus app - slack for families

What does Markus do?

Link your inbox (Gmail)
Link your existing (Gmail) inbox and use smart filters to organize and stay on top of important emails related to your family
Collaborate and discuss
Discuss emails through chat and facilitate conversation in real-time with family members including partner, sibling, parent, children. Discuss and collaborate on action steps
Stay informed
Stay informed and updated on important communications related to everyday needs including schools, health, home care, gatherings, and recreation
Markus family chat board
Markus collaborate and discuss
Markus stay informed

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Download from any device running iOS 13+ or sign in here
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